Línea Accesibilidad

App Línea Accesibilidad

Línea Accesibilidad is a service that involves citizen participation and the reporting of accessibility problems in your town. You only have to download the app for free in order to get in touch with your local council and inform them of any flaw in existing accessibility features within the city limits, that restricts or prevents people’s mobility.

You can report the problem in just four simply steps (select the category, indicate the location, upload photographs and send your comment). The Council’s technician will receive the report immediately and start the process to resolve it. Each time there is a change in the status of the problem, you will receive a notification. Thus, you will be kept up to date on the steps taken in real time.

What type of problems can be reported? Damage to road surfaces (gradients, pavements, driveways etc.), parking spaces, urban and interurban transport and vehicles access points (timetables, bus stops, bus shelters, etc.), faulty signs (information, character size, colours, etc.), objects that restrict the walkway and that could be removed (containers, bollards, utility boxes, grates, etc.), among others.

Who can report a problem? All citizens. Movement and accessibility are rights that should be promoted by everyone working with local council bodies.

For more information on accessibility, visit our Accessibility Observatory of COCEMFE (